Video Game Heaven is the absolute best place to trade in your used or unwanted games and systems. We gladly pay in cash or in store credit towards new items. Always giving top dollar quotes right off the bat, you’re sure to walk away happy with how easy and swift our process is.

The lowdown:

1. Surrender

Let go of your new and old games, systems, collectibles and accessories. Whether you’re surrendering one game or a whole collection, we’ll browse through it all.

2. Scope

While a sales associate is looking through your goods, feel free to take a look around and scope out our stock. We’ll be checking your item(s) for wear, tear and use. At this stage, we will also be testing any systems, accessories and checking for any bans, locks or pins. Naturally this all takes some time, but lucky for you, we have plenty of things for you to look at from in-stock inventory to rare displays you might be hard-pressed to see elsewhere.

3. Estimate

Once all of your items have been punched into our system, one of our associates will give you an estimate. We’ll notify you of both the store credit and cash amounts.

4. Earn

You can accept either offer. Store credit can be used at all our locations and it never expires. If you go with store credit, it’ll only take about 30 seconds of your time to provide us with the necessary information before you can scoop your earnings. Getting cash back is also an easy process that only requires showing us a government issued I.D. and providing a signature. Ultimately, the choice is in your hands.

What we want:

Retro Games! (NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Master System, Genesis, 32x, Sega CD, Saturn,

Dreamcast, 3DO, TG-16, Playstation, PS2, OG Xbox and MORE!!!!)

Portables and their games! (Gameboy, Gamegear, DS, PSP, and more!)

Vintage Games! (Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Commodore and more!)

Current Gen Games! (Wii, Wii-U, 360, XB1, Ps3, Ps4!!!)

Systems, accessories, collectibles, and if you’re ever unsure, just call and ask!

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