What makes Video Game Heaven and Cool Stuff stores different than the competition?

Our stores try to find a balance of productivity, customer service, and employee morale. We all know that without our customers that our jobs wouldn't exist, but we also understand that our staff define the experience for our customers. We take pride in listening to our staff, taking suggestions, and having an "open door" policy. We often hear that this is a "second home" to many which comes as no surprise - we're a family. 

What sort of qualifications or skills should I have?

Retail experience is always a plus, but we find that anyone can be trained and educated on the facets of the retail industry. The number one quality we always seek is customer service. This entails many skills such as patience, attentiveness, empathy, and more. We recommend reading this article for a more detailed list of what we mean.

When is a good time to apply?

Our turnover is low - this means people tend to stay for awhile. That being said, anytime is a good time to apply. Since we never really know when the next opportunity will present itself, it's in your best interest to apply and have your application on standby.

How long will my application be valid?

We keep all applications for a total of 12 months from the date submitted. If you wish to submit another application within the 12-month period, then we ask that you wait at least 3 months since your last submission.

How will I know that you are interested in my application?

If we feel you may be a good candidate for an available position, then we will normally reach out by email. In some cases we will also call you and may leave a voicemail. Please make sure to set the domain to your email's safe sender list.

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Video Game Heaven © 1994-2021

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