Coin Block “Super Mario” Large Pillow Plush


An iconic symbol throughout the Mario series! How many coins will you get? This Coin Box pillow is made of soft plush material, perfect for a decorative pillow or a quick nap.

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Product Features

  • Made of soft plush material
  • Based on the Super Mario games
  • Officially licensed
  • Cute and collectible!

Size: 10 inches tall | 10 inches wide

Coin Blocks have appeared in nearly every Super Mario game, debuting in Super Mario Bros., with ? Block-styled Coin Blocks debuting in Super Mario Land. In most games, there is a time limit for how long it will continue to give the player coins instead of actually having a set number of coins. If the player strikes a Coin Block fast enough, they can get about 10 coins, which is usually the most coins a player can get from a Coin Block, though quite a few games make it possible to obtain more. However, if a Coin Block is left alone after the first hit, it will only give two coins. Starting from New Super Mario Bros. and in games where the player is able to Ground Pound, ground pounding onto the Coin Block and holding the button that activated the Ground Pound will allow the player to collect coins at a faster rate, though only if they are in a powered-up form.

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