Diddy Kong Official Super Mario All Star Plush


San-ei’s All Star Collection plush series features a beautifully detailed version of Diddy Kong! Some of the highest-quality officially licensed Nintendo plush on the market come from this lineup. Every plush is constructed out of super soft ‘minky’ fabric and weighted with beans to help them sit/pose.

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Although the name “Little Buddy” may be printed on the tags of some of these plush, they’re just a distributor. They are in fact manufactured by San-ei which is a Japanese officially licensed Nintendo merchandise brand that makes extremely high quality plush with ‘minky’ fabric and beans to help them sit/pose. These plush collectibles are not only a big hit in Japan, they are also a favorite and a great collectible for any fan of some of the biggest Nintendo franchises across the globe.  The beautiful details and incredibly soft-to-the-touch feel will bring out the most of your favorite characters.

Size: 7 inches tall

Diddy Kong, also known simply as Diddy, is the deuteragonist of the Donkey Kong franchise and Donkey Kong’s sidekick. He is a creation of the British company Rare Ltd. but is owned by Nintendo. Diddy sports a red shirt with yellow stars and a red hat with the Nintendo logo printed on it. The name “Diddy” is a slang word used in some parts of northern England for “small,” as Diddy Kong is. Diddy Kong has gone on many adventures by himself, occasionally with his girlfriend Dixie Kong, and has even starred in his own racing game for the Nintendo 64 and later in its remake for the Nintendo DS. After Rare lost their rights to the Donkey Kong franchise due to Microsoft purchasing the company from Nintendo, Diddy Kong went on to appear with Donkey Kong in many spin-off titles for the Mario franchise.

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