Flareon “Pokemon” Look at the Tail! Banpresto Plush


Flareon gets a new addition to the popular Look at the Tail! plush lineup by Banpresto!

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Banpresto is well-known for producing a massive selection of Pokemon plush. Many plush produced by Banpresto are popularly used in crane games in Japan. We save you the frustration and gamble by importing these hard-to-find plush straight from overseas!

The Look at the Tail! lineup by Banpresto typically depicts your favorite Pokemon posed in a variety of ways to bring the Pokemon’s tail to the center of attention. These poses usually have the Pokemon hold its tail, position its body to bring its tail forward, or even point their eyes/limbs to its tail.

Size: 11.5  inches tall

Flareon is a mammalian, quadrupedal Pokémon covered in short, reddish-orange fur. It has long ears with black interiors, dark eyes, and a small black nose. There are three small toes and a yellow paw pad on each foot. Fluffy yellow fur forms a small tuft on its head, as well as its bushy tail and a mane around its chest and neck. It will fluff out its collar to cool down its high body temperature. This high temperature is caused by its internal flame sac. Flareon stores and heats inhaled air in this sac and then exhales it as fire. It is an omnivore that roasts either Berries or prey before consumption. Flareon is mostly found in populated areas and is rarely seen in the wilderness.

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