Piplup Pokemon Pokedakko Dekai Banpresto Plush


Piplup gets an adorable new addition to the popular Pokedakko plush lineup by Banpresto!

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Banpresto is well-known for producing a massive selection of Pokemon plush. Many plush produced by Banpresto are popularly used in crane games in Japan. We save you the frustration and gamble by importing these hard-to-find plush straight from overseas!

The Pokedakko lineup by Banpresto typically depicts your favorite Pokemon in a sitting pose. Plush features in this series are also constructed out of soft “fur-like” fabric. The series name “Pokedakko” contains the word “dakko”, meaning to hold or hug in Japanese. Once you get one in your hands, it’s easy to understand why you would consider hugging any plush from this lineup!

Piplup is a light-blue, penguin-like Pokémon, which is covered in thick down to insulate against the cold. It has a dark blue head with a primarily white face and a short, yellow beak. The dark blue feathers on its head extend down its back and around its neck, which causes it to appear to be wearing a cape. There are two white ovals on its chest and a small, light-blue marking resembles a crown above its beak. It has flipper-like arms and yellow feet with three toes each. Piplup has a strong sense of self-pride. Because of its pride, it has a hard time accepting food from humans and bonding with its caretakers. It will even puff out its chest after it falls down, which it often does due to its poor walking abilities. However, it is a skilled swimmer that can dive for over ten minutes in order to hunt. It has also been shown to fly short distances in the anime. It lives along the seashore in colder climates.

Height: 10 inches tall
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