Grookey nanoblock Pokemon Series


Collect ’em all with this addition of Grookey from nanoblock’s Pokemon Series. This nanoblock stands approximately 2.9 inches tall and has 190 pieces. This kit features all the details one would expect and is fun and easy to build!

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nanoblock® is the original micro-sized building block. With amazingly small bricks mere millimeters in size and manufactured to the highest tolerances for a secure fit, you can build display worthy sculptures that can fit in the palm of your hand. Execute the finest details building precise models with astounding results. Each project includes step by step instructions.

Size: Approx. 2.9 inches tall
Qty Pieces: 190
Difficulty: Entry-Level
Model #: NBPM-059
Item #: NAN21610

Grookey is a chimp-like Pokémon, with a green colored body, brown tail and ears, and orange limbs and snout. It has two large eyes with a beige-colored mask surrounding them. It has two leaf-shaped hair tufts that hold a stick on the top of its head. It uses this stick to beat rhythmically against the surfaces of all sorts of objects. This has been observed to cause grass to grow, and wilted flowers and leaves seem to regain their color when Grookey drums nearby. It is said to be full of boundless curiosity. The stick used to be a branch from a forest where troops of Grookey lived, and it has a special power due to being exposed to the energy within Grookey’s body. Grookey’s green fur can create energy from the sunlight.

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