Hori HOTAS Flight Stick (Xbox One)


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Take to the skies with the HORI HOTAS Flight Stick for Xbox One. Also compatible with PC and Xbox Series X

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Take to the skies, with HORI’s new Ace Combat 7 HOTAS flight stick. Immersive controls and innovative construction really bring this title to life. Sit in the cockpit of your favorite Fighter JET. Out-fly, evade, and destroy bogies with precision joystick and throttle. Adjustable sensitivity settings and advanced controls allow Ultimate control and customization Options. Officially Licensed by Microsoft and Bandai Namco entertainment. Windows PC compatible. This product is NOT compatible with Xbox 360.

Product Features:

  • Separate joystick and throttle with Full HOTAS controls
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Headset jack for communications
  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft
  • Officially Licensed by BANDAI Namco entertainment of America
  • Works on Xbox Series X



Item #: XBO-014U

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