Neon Yellow Inkling Squid Official Splatoon 2 Cushion Plush


San-ei’s plush series features an incredibly soft and beautifully detailed 14 inch plush cushion of a Neon Yellow Inkling Squid from Splatoon 2! Some of the highest-quality officially licensed Nintendo plush on the market come from this lineup. Every plush cushion is constructed out of super soft ‘minky’ fabric.

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Although the name “Little Buddy” may be printed on the tags of some of these plush, they’re just a distributor. They are in fact manufactured by San-ei which is a Japanese officially licensed Nintendo merchandise brand that makes extremely high quality plush with ‘minky’ fabric. These plush collectibles are not only a big hit in Japan, they are also a favorite and a great collectible for any fan of some of the biggest Nintendo franchises across the globe.  The beautiful details and incredibly soft-to-the-touch feel will bring out the most of your favorite characters.

Size: 14 inches tall

Inkling can take on a humanoid form or a squid form. Both of the Inklings’ forms have abilities associated with them. In squid form, an Inkling can swim and jump quickly through ink of the same color, even using this mechanic to swim up walls and through wire fences and grates into areas that are not typically reachable. However, squids cannot travel past striped barriers, preventing them from swimming into inaccessible areas. While squid form Inklings are in their ink color they will be invisible if they stay still, and when moving only slight ripples will appear. 

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