Ripper Roo nanoblock Crash Bandicoot Character Series


WOAH! The PlayStation classic is here in building form with Ripper Roo from nanoblock’s Crash Bandicoot Character Series. This nanoblock stands approximately 2.1 inches tall and has 120 pieces. This kit features all the details one would expect and is fun and easy to build!

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nanoblock® is the original micro-sized building block. With amazingly small bricks mere millimeters in size and manufactured to the highest tolerances for a secure fit, you can build display worthy sculptures that can fit in the palm of your hand. Execute the finest details building precise models with astounding results. Each project includes step by step instructions.

Size: Approx. 2.1 inches tall
Qty Pieces: 120
Difficulty: Entry-Level
Model #:
Item #: NAN21866

Ripper Roo (also known as Doctor Roo) is an insane blue mutated kangaroo. He is widely considered to be Dr. Cortex’s first and failed experiment with the Evolvo Ray, which is debatable seeing as how he managed to complete university-level education as of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. He frequently uses explosive crates when battling Crash. This can be seen in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, where he lays down TNT and nitro tiles with his cane, in Crash Team Racing where he drops TNT Crates, and in his appearance in Crash Bash where he will randomly lay down TNT tiles. He also has razor sharp claws on his toes that are his main method of attack.

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