Yeast Ken Sakura Mochi Bread Dog Plush (Long)


Yeast Ken, the trendy hybrid bread-and-dog plush lineup from Japan, brings us a good boy who’s just a little nervous to give you the cherry blossom he found for you! No adoption paperwork necessary. These collectible plush are normally only available as game prizes in Japan, but we’ve imported these over so others can easily enjoy these carb-filled pups without fighting to win one!

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Yeast Ken (also known as Yeastken) is Kamio’s original bread-dog plush line. The witty name for these kawaii hybrids came from the combination of “Yeast” the main ingredient for bread, and “Ken” which means dog in Japanese. These plush dog toys are often mistaken as various baked items like bread roll, baguette, loaf, muffin, hamburger bun, and much more.

Size: 12 inches long
Item #: FR10719

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