Xbox Live Down? Try These Steps

Xbox Live Down? Try These Steps

You know what’s frustrating? You sit down ready to play your brand new game or maybe an old classic and your device won’t connect to the internet. Ugh, not again! *cough Cox cough* Sometimes it’s difficult to diagnose whether it’s the service itself that is down or if there’s something wrong on your end. So, if you’re having trouble signing into your Xbox Live or connect to your wifi, here are some steps you can take to determine what future action you should take. 

See if your other devices are connected

See if your phone or tablet are connected to your home wifi keeping in mind that your phone may have automatically switched to a 4G network if the wifi is down. If you have easy access to your router, make sure there are no error warnings or flashing lights where there aren’t normally. If you find that your other devices also are not connected, there is probably a bigger problem with your wifi.

Look for Xbox Error Messages

If you are attempting to connect to Xbox Live, check to see if there are any error messages that are popping up. Some of these error messages might be unspecific and therefore relatively unhelpful and generic but some go into detail about what exactly is wrong. If you see one of the latter types of error messages, you can then go to the Xbox Error Status Code page and see if it offers a solution to the specific error message that’s on your screen. Make sure to enter the error code exactly as you see it, capitalization and order matter.

Check Xbox Live Server Status

So let’s say the wifi on all your other devices seems to be working. That means it’s time to check and see if the Xbox Live service is down and there are a few ways to do this. 

Option #1: Go to the Xbox Live Service Status website

The website will indicate if the Xbox Live servers are operating properly. The screen will look something like this with green checkmarks indicating what is working and red exclamation points indicating what isn’t.

Xbox Live Down? Try These Steps

If there are red exclamation points (which there weren’t at the time this article was written) then it will provide additional details about the outage and which platforms are suffering. You can hit Notify Me and they’ll send you an email when the service is back online.

Option #2: Check a 3rd party outage website

There are plenty of them out there. We recommend Down Detector because it’s very thorough and reliable as it tracks a variety of online services and gives you statistics on the outages. 

Option #3: Take to Twitter

Search #XboxLiveDown and we promise there will be other people talking about it, some providing suggestions, some just complaining but either way, you’ll find out if there’s an outage. You can also check @XboxSupport

If Xbox Live is working but you still can’t login

Don’t worry, you have a few other options:

Option #1: Perform a Power cycle

Hold the Xbox button on the front of your system down for 10 seconds. Then press the button again on the controller or console to turn the system on. It takes a bit longer than it usually will to start but it is also very effective in resolving prior issues. 

Option #2: Disconnect and reconnect

After powering down your system, unplug it, wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in and power it back on. You might need to sign into your Xbox Live account again but this also should resolve your issue.

Option #3: Contact Xbox customer support

If you’re still having trouble and neither of these solutions has worked for you, you might need to contact Xbox support. You’ll be able to speak to someone live and they can get the issues resolved. 


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