Parappa the Rapper Stubbins Plush


Do you have rhythm and rhymes? Probably not like this guy! Parappa the Rapper joins the adorable Stubbins series plush line!

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Stubbins is an exclusive line of officially licensed figures standing at approximately 6’’. Stubbins plush offers you a new way to show off your favorite gaming characters. Made from the highest quality and softest materials, this unique collection is perfect to display anywhere!

PaRappa the Rapper is a rhythm game in which the main character, Parappa, must make his way through each of the game’s six stages by rapping. As the teacher raps, a bar at the top of the screen will appear, showing symbols that match up to the teacher’s lyrics. The player must then make Parappa rap in response to the teacher by pressing the buttons with the correct timing to match the teacher’s line.

Item #: PS-PL-006

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