Your StoreCard just leveled up
Store credit works in-store and online now!

Video Game Heaven and Cool Stuff are extremely excited to announce a massive change in how store credit (and even gift cards) work in all our locations now! When you trade in with any store, any unused store credit you’ve earned will be loaded on a StoreCard. This card is reusable, reloadable, and can be registered to you (or even gifted to someone else)! The biggest change too is that this card works at both Video Game Heaven and Cool Stuff locations interchangeably now as well as our online shop (not usable on our eBay store)! You also have the ability to check your balance and the card’s transaction history online via a computer or your mobile device. One super important thing to note is that registering your card allows you to have it digitally reissued to you should it be lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed. Below will be some helpful instructions and FAQs to assist you with your new card!

Here’s the lowdown on how the card works

  • 1.

    Get Your StoreCard
    Simply come into any of our locations and trade in your goods! If you opt for store credit and end up not using it right away or have any remaining balance leftover from using it, then we will issue the balance on a Video Game Heaven StoreCard (like in the image seen above).
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    Check Your Balance

    Navigate to in your computer or mobile device’s web browser. From here input the card’s 19-digit number (this is the long number on the back of the card), the BID, and CVV. Next, type in the code displayed on the page and click Enter (see image below). Once you’ve entered in the card info successfully, you’ll be directed to a page that will display your current card balance. Below the balance display, you can click the Show Transactions button to view the transaction history of the card. This will display the date, times, and store locations of any changes in the card’s balance.

    Video Game Heaven Storecard
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    Register Your StoreCard

    This step is optional, but highly recommended. From the balance display screen, click the Create Account button. You’ll be directed to a window to input your personal information and security details (see image below). Note: Ensure that the address details are a proper mailing address! Once you’ve completed entering in these details, you will be emailed a link to finish the registration process.

    Video Game Heaven Register Card
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    Accessing Your StoreCard Going Forward

    Once you’ve successfully registered your card, you can check your card’s balance and history by navigating to and logging in with your email address and PIN you created.


Why isn't my StoreCard working when making a purchase online?

If your StoreCard was issued to you before May 15th, 2020 then it is not compatible with our website, but don't worry! We can fix it for you! You have two options:

  1. Visit us in any store with the card and request us to transfer your card balance to a new card. The new card will work guaranteed!
  2. If you can't make it to the store, then register the card online (if you have not done so already) and log in to report the card lost/stolen. This will deactivate the current card and transfer the balance to a new card that will be issued to you by email. For more details, please navigate to the FAQ at the bottom titled "My registered StoreCard is missing/damaged/stolen! How do I recover it?"
Will the store credit balance that was loaded on my account before the StoreCard’s introduction still be honored?
Absolutely! We will still be maintaining records of these accounts indefinitely, however it is recommended you visit the store location that your older store credit was originally obtained at should you need to retrieve it. Once that’s done, we can load it onto a StoreCard by your request.
Will older gift certificates or gift chips still be honored or expire?
We will continue to honor these and they do not expire, however all gift certificates and gift chips are now issued as a gift card going forward.
Can my older store account balances be merged onto a StoreCard?
Yes, but this is done by request only. You must visit a store in order to have this performed.
My StoreCard only shows the Cool Stuff logo on it and/or indicates it is usable at Cool Stuff locations only. Can I still use it at any Video Game Heaven location?
Yes. Although you may have an older StoreCard design, it is 100% functional at Video Game Heaven locations too.
Can I redeem the balance for cash?
No. The card’s balance is redeemable for purchases only at Video Game Heaven and Cool Stuff locations.
I forgot to bring my StoreCard with me. Can I use my if I physically don’t have it on me?

No. The only exception to this rule is if you were given a digital replacement by reporting your original card lost/stolen. In this case you would need to show us the printed email or the email displayed on your phone displaying the 19-digit card number and security pin.

Can I give my StoreCard to someone else to use (temporarily or permanently)?
Of course! You’re welcome to dictate who can use your card, but you’re also responsible for it too. We are not responsible for unauthorized use of your card, so keep it safe! Should you choose to give the card away to someone else then take into consideration that someone else cannot register the card in their name if you’ve already done it. The good news is that this does not impact the ability to use whatever balance exists on the card.
Can I have more than one StoreCard in my possession?
Yes, but that sounds like a headache. It’s in your best interest to “reload” the same card so you have less to keep track of and less cards to register!
How do I reload/add to the balance of my existing StoreCard?

Just bring the card in with you to any Video Game Heaven location and present it at the end of a trade. The amount credited to the card will be added to your existing balance. That’s it!

Does the StoreCard have a maximum balance?

Yes. A single card can have no more than $500 loaded on it at once. If the balance ends up exceeding $500, then we will issue the difference on a separate card(s).

Can I register more than one StoreCard under a single account?

Yes, just log into your registered account at and click the Manage Cards link at the top and then click Add StoreCard.

I have multiple StoreCards. Can I have the balances merged into one single card?

Yes, but this is done by request only. You must visit a store in order to have this performed.

I am unable to register or check the balance of my StoreCard. What do I do?

Ensure you are entering in the StoreCard, BID, CVV, and security code in correctly. If you’re positive no mistakes are being made, then bring the card in to the store location it was issued at. The staff will be more than happy to verify if an account and balance was correctly issued to the card or not and assist you further.

My StoreCard is physically damaged. What do I do?

If your StoreCard is damaged in such a way that it renders the magnetic strip on the card be unreadable, then you will need a replacement reissued. To do this, refer to the FAQ below “My registered StoreCard is missing/damaged/stolen! How do I recover it?”.

I never registered my StoreCard and now it’s missing/damaged/stolen! Can my StoreCard or its balance be recovered?

Unfortunately it cannot be recovered if it was not registered. Without registering the card, there are no records that would allow us to track the actual card issued to you. This makes it impossible for us to find the StoreCard number and balance. This is why we highly urge everyone to register their cards.

My registered StoreCard is missing/damaged/stolen! How do I recover it?

Navigate to and log in with your StoreCard account. Once you’ve logged in, click the Lost Card link at the bottom. A window will appear to confirm whether you wish to submit a request to have a new card reissued to you (see image below). This card will be sent to the address you’ve provided in the account’s personal information. If the address is incorrect, you may change it by closing the window and updating your personal information under Account Settings. Once you are satisfied with the mailing address, you may Submit the request. Your current card will be deactivated and a new one will be issued digitally and emailed to you. This isn't always an immediate process so please be patient. In the meantime, you will not be able to use your balance until the new card information arrives in your email. Just show us the email or print it up to use it in our stores or online later down the road.

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