What you should know before you trade

Before you bring your trades in to a store, make sure you’ve gathered as much of the appropriate cables and accessories for all respective items you wish to trade. This increases the chances we can accept the item and/or offer you a better value. Most importantly, ensure you bring in a legal form of photo identification and are at least 18 years of age. The photo ID cannot be expired or void. If you’re under 18, then make sure you bring a guardian with proper photo ID on them. Acceptable forms of photo ID are:

  • Driver's License
  • State-issued ID
  • US Passport
  • Military ID

Now here’s the lowdown on how the trade process works

  • 1.

    Bring It In

    No appointment required. Just walk in with your items for trade at any of our 3 Video Game Heaven locations or our sister store Cool Stuff.

  • 2.

    Present ID

    Make sure you have brought a proper photo ID and present it to the staff member (acceptable forms of ID are listed above on this page). Per local ordinances the staff member may need to obtain additional details not printed on the ID. This may take a minute or two at most. In some cities, local law ordinances may require us to scan your Driver’s License or State ID.

  • 3.


    While a staff member is looking through your goods, feel free to take a look around and scope out our stock. We’ll be checking your item(s) for wear, tear and use to ensure you receive an appropriate value. At this stage we will also be testing any systems, accessories, and checking for any bans, parental locks or security pins that may be present on your items. We may even request your assistance in removing these restrictions. Naturally this all takes some time, but lucky for you, we have plenty of things for you to look at from in-stock inventory to rare displays you might be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

  • 4.

    Assessment and Estimate

    We will be listing all your items into our computer systems so we can accurately tally each item you’ve brought in. We utilize a variety of resources at our disposal to determine an accurate and up-to-date value. Once we have combed through these details, one of our associates will give you a quote. We’ll notify you of both the store credit and cash amounts if you’d like, but remember that store credit is always going to be your best value!

  • 5.

    Reap The Rewards

    You can accept either offer. Store credit can be used at all our locations and it never expires. If you go with store credit, you can spend it right away or have us load it on a Video Game Heaven StoreCard so you can easily check the balance and spend it at any Video Game Heaven when you’re ready. For more info on how a StoreCard works, click here. Getting cash is also an easy process. Ultimately, the choice is in your hands.


Can you give me a trade value quote over the phone / website / social media for my items?

Unless we are explicitly promoting predetermined values for that specific item (which is uncommon), then we cannot - so the best answer we can give you is "no". We can only offer a quote if you bring the items into the store. There are a variety of variables that affect our ability to provide a fair and accurate quote, and many of these value modifiers cannot be determined unless we see it in-person.

Follow-up question: What about an estimate or a value range then?

Unfortunately not. An estimate or range would still require us to know specific details that just cannot be certain of without seeing it in-person.

Follow-up question: Can you take my word for it that the item is as I describe it or base it off any photos I can submit?

No, we cannot.

Are your trade values better than the other big-name game stores?

We are almost always better! If you believe a big-name retailer is offering a better value, then let us know! We will attempt to confirm if this is the case and make every effort to beat the value if possible.

Do you offer any promotional trade values?

Yes! If you are accepting a store credit offer, we will offer you an additional 20% more credit* towards the purchase of any preorders or factory-sealed games on any of the newer generation systems (such as PlayStation 4 for example). From time to time we may also offer temporary promotions made public through ads, in-store signage, texts/emails, and/or social media posts!

*20% credit promotion is not calculated off any trade values offered on hardware (such as video game consoles and controllers).

Will you take my game without a case?

If the game is a cartridge, then the answer will always be a yes. If the game is a disc, then we can almost always accept it but it will receive a lesser value as a result.

Do you accept scratched discs?

Yes, as long as it is not a Blu-ray disc and the scratches are not excessively deep. We can repair most scratches on most CD and DVD discs since all of our locations have state-of-the-art disc resurfacing equipment. PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U games are printed on Blu-ray discs, however. Due to the nature of how a Blu-ray disc is physically constructed, we cannot reliably repair them even with our special equipment. If you see any obvious scratches on these type of games, then we may be unable to accept it, but you’re always welcome to bring it in with you to allow us to make the decision.

Can you accept a game console with missing cords/controllers?

In most cases, yes. Some cords and controllers can be expensive or difficult to obtain (especially for older obscure consoles). Scenarios where this is the case may present issues with us accepting the console for trade. Any console we are willing to accept will have an appropriate value deducted for any missing components.

Can you accept a defective game console?

Normally we can, however, this is entirely dependent on a large number of variables on a case-by-case scenario. Defective systems are offered a minimal value.

Is there an age requirement to trade?

You must be at least 18 years old or be accompanied by a guardian that meets this requirement. Further details are listed above.

How long is a trade quote valid for?

All trade quotes are valid at that store location until the end of the business day.

Do you offer “even exchange” trades?

Simply put: No. The trade value you are offered is good dollar-for-dollar towards anything else in the store. It's up to you to decide what you can budget out based on that value and the difference (if any) you may have to pay towards what you want to purchase.

Can you split a trade into a cash and store credit value?
This is possible if you’re trading in more than one item. We’ll just offer you store credit on the items you want store credit for and cash on the items you want cash for.
Is a cash trade offer an option on anything that can be traded in?

In most cases yes, but there are some exceptions to some types of product. From time-to-time this may change too. For specific details, you are welcome to reach out to the store beforehand.

Can store credit be redeemed for cash at a later time?

Once a trade for store credit is finalized, it cannot be converted or redeemed as cash.

Is a trade-in reversible once its been completed?

When a voucher is printed to obtain a signature, you still have time to review itemized values for everything that is being traded in (all of which are visible on the printed voucher). If you are not satisfied with these values, then you can decline to trade in specific items or cancel the entire trade per your discretion. The staff member can remove any items and reprint an updated voucher or cancel it entirely at no penalty. However, once the voucher has been physically signed by you or the authorized individual trading the items in, it is not reversible.

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