Heart Container Official The Legend of Zelda Cushion Plush


San-ei’s plush series features an incredibly soft and beautifully detailed 15 inch plush cushion of a heart container from The Legend of Zelda! The back of the cushion features an image of Link (based on his appearance from A Link to the Past) holding a heart container. Some of the highest-quality officially licensed Nintendo plush on the market come from this lineup. Every plush cushion is constructed out of super soft ‘minky’ fabric.

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Although the name “Little Buddy” may be printed on the tags of some of these plush, they’re just a distributor. They are in fact manufactured by San-ei which is a Japanese officially licensed Nintendo merchandise brand that makes extremely high quality plush with ‘minky’ fabric. These plush collectibles are not only a big hit in Japan, they are also a favorite and a great collectible for any fan of some of the biggest Nintendo franchises across the globe. The beautiful details and incredibly soft-to-the-touch feel will bring out the most of your favorite characters.

Size: 15 inches tall

Heart Containers, also known as Bowls of Hearts, are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They increase Link’s Life Gauge, which is represented by a set of Hearts, excluding The Adventure of Link, where his health is symbolized by a life bar. Collecting enough Pieces of Heart assembles a Heart Container and increases Link’s maximum health.

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