Spider Kirby Official Kirby of the Stars All Star Collection Plush


San-ei’s All Star Collection plush series features a beautifully detailed version of Spider Kirby! Some of the highest-quality officially licensed Nintendo plush on the market come from this lineup. Every plush is constructed out of super soft ‘minky’ fabric and weighted with beans to help them sit/pose.

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Although the name “Little Buddy” may be printed on the tags of some of these plush, they’re just a distributor. They are in fact manufactured by San-ei which is a Japanese officially licensed Nintendo merchandise brand that makes extremely high quality plush with ‘minky’ fabric and beans to help them sit/pose. These plush collectibles are not only a big hit in Japan, they are also a favorite and a great collectible for any fan of some of the biggest Nintendo franchises across the globe.  The beautiful details and incredibly soft-to-the-touch feel will bring out the most of your favorite characters.

Size: 5.5 inches tall

Spider is one of Kirby’s Copy Abilities, first appearing in Kirby Star Allies. The Spider ability allows Kirby to utilize spider webs to trap enemies. The webs themselves linger for a few seconds after being released, and any non-invincible enemy that comes into contact with a web will be encased in a web themselves. Once trapped, enemies can either be kicked into other enemies or be grabbed and thrown. Kirby and his friends can bounce off the webs created by Spider’s attacks to gain extra height in a Friend Ability called Friend Bounce.

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